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The Davidson Surname DNA Study Project was started in June 2004 through the Davidson RootsWeb.com email list as a means of helping to find some answers to the many real problems linking the early Davidson families in America. The Project is becoming a tool to help Davidson/Davison/Davisson/etc. researchers everywhere. We encourage participation from all.

The focus of our study is the Y-chromosome DNA technology that provides a means of tracking the male line. The Y-chromosome is passed exclusively from father to son so that looking at the DNA characteristics of a current male Davidson/etc. will give a fairly accurate (with the exception a possibly a few mutations) reading of what the Y-chromosome results on their male line ancestor would be like.

This means that the only people who can be tested are MALES who are named Davidson/etc.; however, any researcher - male or female - who is a Davidson/etc. descendant is welcome to sponsor a brother, father, grandfather, uncle, male cousin, etc. who is qualified to be tested.

We have chosen to use the service of the Family Tree DNA company to process the testing. They have developed a reputation for quality, integrity, and security in the genealogy community. Participants may want to take some time to familiarize themselves with the DNA technology and what the results of the testing will show. The Family Tree DNA site has a wealth of information available that does not require advanced training in biology to understand. RootsWeb.com has a free genealogy DNA mailing list that is useful when you have general or specific questions about the technology.

This Web Site:

In reviewing numerous Surname DNA projects, we have determined that the most effective studies are those that combine the DNA results with the real paper trail genealogy. This web site was designed not only to present the raw DNA results, but also to relate those results with the member's know Davidson/etc. pedigree. We are not attempting to provide an exhaustive genealogy of the family as might be found at Rootsweb.com's WorldConnect Project. Rather we are providing a snapshot of the pedigree as presented by the member (or their genealogical researcher).

Brief note: In this site, a member is always the person who was tested and it will be their pedigree that you will see. However, a member may designate a contact who is the actual genealogical researcher. This will make sure that, if you chose to contact a member for more information, you will contact the person who is actually most familiar with the work. Every member and contact has privacy options that they can activate to assure their security; however, all contacts are expected to maintain a current email address so that other researchers may communicate with them.

Much of the Study administrators' communications will be through announcements on the Davidson email list, through the associated message boards, and through this web site. Our focus through this Study Pproject is going to be Davidson/etc. specific interpretation of the data.

Enhancements planned for the site over the following months will enable even non-study participants to benefit directly and report their ancestral data.

For information about joining the project, please go to the Davidson Surname DNA Study Project.


This web site and the DNA project are administered by volunteers. The Davidson family researchers are donating their time and expertise to help make this project successful for everyone. The web site provides the following services right now:

First, we have compiled the DNA results and provided some initial analysis based on the basic technical considerations. You will see them on the results page.

Second, we have a database driven member page that links the DNA results directly with the members genealogical research.

Third, we have provided the members, or their contacts who are actually doing the genealogy, with a means of updating their genealogical information. So, as their research progresses, they can keep our on-line database current.

Current Results and Analysis:
This link will take you to the results that we have so far and the links to the Davidson pedigree of the project members.

Member Only Data Entry:
This link is for project members only. It allows them to enter and maintain their personal ancestral data.


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