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We are fortunate today that there are many people actively researching various branches of the Stedman family. This page is a collection of e-mail links and web pages for individuals. If you would like to be included on this page, please send an e-mail to me, and I will include your listing in the next update.





Bev Stedman, Howard City, MI

Researching all Stedman/Steadman's in Michigan as well as parts of Ohio, Illinois and New York.

Brick wall... parents of Stephen Van Rennselaer Stedman b. 2/1811, "nearby" Montreal, Quebec, Canada, probably in the Eastern Townships. His father b. RI, his mother b. CT. Likely a descendant of Job Stedman b. 1765 in RI.

Bev has been one of the greatest helps in doing this research. She has been a persistent searcher and compiler on many branches of the family. She always documents every fact in her reports. The great tragedy is that all of this work still has not led to finding out for sure who the parents of Stephen VanR. Stedman are. Thank you, Bev! -- John.





Charles East, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Researching Willis Steadman who married Catharine Campbell (daughter of Benjamin S. Campbell) in Cortland County, NY in 1817. Listed in Cortland County in the 1820 census, alongside Justus Stedman. Willis said to be a son of Justus by his first wife Betsey, and grandson of an older Justus Stedman of Wethersfield, CT. Would like to hear from descendants of Willis, his sisters, and his brother.

Charles, I do not wish to date you, but I would like to point out to our readers that Charles shared some correspondence with me between he and Clarence E. King from the 1940s and 1950s. While reviewing the John J. DeMott manuscript in the Berkshire Atheneum, among the correspondence that DeMott had with James Edington Steadman and Clarence King and many others, was a letter from Charles from the early 1950s.

There were three lines (that I know of!) of New England Stedmans that went to the South: the family of Nathan Stedman of Ashford, CT, went to Chatham County, NC, in the 1790s; Oliver Perry Steadman of Crawford County, PA, went to Nashville, TN, in the 1870s; and some of the descendants Justus Stedman, Jr. of Cortland Co., NY in the 1830s. Interestingly, each of the lines is represented by a living descendant on our lists. And all are descended from the Connecticut Stedmans - John.





Ruth Martzke nee Steadman, Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio

Web Site:

Looking for the wife, and his parents for DAVID STEDMAN (not the David who married Hannah Fisher). This David Stedman had a son ALVA STEDMAN /STEADMAN born in Orleans County, NY on 12 July 1812. Alva married THANKFUL M. ROGERS in October 1832 at Byron, Genesee County, NY by Esqr.Wells, J.P.

David, Alva & Thankful Stedman/Steadman came to Amboy Twp., Fulton County (now), Ohio 1832-33. They were the second settlers of Amboy Twp. Both Alva & Thankful Steadman died in Amboy Twp. She was born 18 May 1814, probably in NY and died 7 Sept 1884. He died 7 May 1902.

Ruth has a brick wall that I have worked on extensively, along with Bev and others. Her David was thought by me to be a son of Job Stedman, but, as it has more details of Job's family have been sorted out, it looks more like that is not the case. Ruth has been a tireless searcher for data, scouring every new source she finds and posting it onto the Stedman list so that those factoids will get archived for some future researcher. I keep a file of her notes and go over them periodically to see if some new discovery will put one of the facts in place. Ruth corresponded for years with Luville Steadman. Thank you for your support. -- John.





Donna Smith Stroh, Houston, Texas

I am researching the Stedmans of East Hartford and/or Manchester, CT. My Anne Steadman married Russell Hayes of East Hartford in 1796. I can't pin down her parents but believe them to be Joseph Stedman III and his wife Comfort Gilman. They had six children before his death. One daughter had left the household between the 1790 and 1800 census, which leads me to believe it could have been Anne.

I have found that some of the Connecticut Stedmans have been very difficult to sort out. Donna has done some great work find facts on some of the families that had not yet been sorted out. However, many loose ends still exist. I suspect that I will need to schedule many days in the Connecticut archives in Hartford. Thanks, Donna. -- John.




Kathryn Hall, Kenwood, CA

My reseach interests focus primarily on Mercy Stedman, [b. S. Kingston, RI, about 1798] who is a primary "brick wall" along with her husband, Luke Hall, my g-g-g-grandfather. She seems to be either a daughter or cousin of the Oliver Stedman family of Lee, MA. Family lore has it that she is a niece (or illegitimate daughter?) of Christophers Raymond Perry, father of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. The Oliver Stedman family believed itself to be cousins of Oliver Hazard Perry. I have yet to unravel this knot. I'd love more clues if anyone has any. Thanks. KH

I have spent a lot of time trying to sort out what I call the "Berkshire County Stedmans". Kathryn's aunt did a lot of work on the family and Kathryn has shared that to help unravel parts of that family. But all of the unraveling has not helped answer her basic question: "Who was Mercy Stedman?" -- John.




Wayne Hendon, Mesquite, Texas


I descend from the BARTON family of Scotland down through Robert Steedman (Stedman) of County Fife, Scotland, who came to South Carolina c1750, through James Alfred Stedman of St. Clair County, Alabama

Wayne has put together a real great site and helped give me a start at making the pages for the early history much better. Wayne is descended from one of the South Carolina families. I really need to do more work on those... Thanks, Wayne! -- John.




Andrew J. Fredricks, Mashpee, MA

Charles Stedman, born 1844 Cincinnati, OH, son of Joseph. Need more proof that Jane Ann Leverett is Charles' mother and determine which Joseph Stedman is Charles' father.




Ann Torbett, College Station, Texas

My Steadman brickwall is the following... Jonathan Young, son of Jacob and Mary Young of Abbeville Co. SC, married Nancy Steadman. Who were the parents of this Nancy Steadman?




Carolyn Leonard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Researching the family of Alexander STEDMAN, born 1746, Hartford, Connecticut, died 1814, Athens, Ohio.

STEDMAN: England > Connecticut > Vermont > 1802 Athens Co., Ohio
BRANCH: 1800-1855, Meigs County, Ohio >1852-1900 Wayne Co., Illinois > Oklahoma
SMITH: 1806 Duchess Co., NY > Sussex Co., NJ > Fayette Co., PA > Meigs Co., OH




Todd Crownover, Tyndall, South Dakota

My Brick Wall is Enos C. Stedman, born 1807 in NY, died 7-3-1885 in Otoe Co., Nebraska. He married Malenna D. [--?--] (1820, NY-1900, NE) and had 8 children: Margaret, Mary, Clinton, Charles, Enos J. (My ancestor), Edward, Bert and Wallace. Enos J. Stedman was born in Owego, Tioga Co., NY and married Amada Meyers. Their son Unite Stanley Stedman was my G-G-grandfather.

Information I have from Bev Stedman is that Amzi Stedman and Ann Canfield had 13 children and my Enos C. Stedman could have been one of them. Amzi is from the same county, the names (Enos, Amzi, Ezra and Amos) all are similar and the dates would match. If anyone could help prove that my Enos C. was in fact the son of Amzi and the grandson of John Stedman and Mary Hotchkiss. Thanks, Todd Crownover





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